Windows 10, change network configurations

Sometimes, after changing configurations in your internal network like the router or the DHCP subnet, Windows detects the network as a new one instead the same with minor tweaks.

This leads to a change in the network name (from Network to Network 2 and so on) and, in some cases, it changes from Private to Public, and all the shares do not work as expected.

How can this be fixed?

For changing the Network from Public to Private:

  • Open File Explorer, shift to the Network section, a message about Network discovery is disabled will appear, just enable it clicking in the message and allowing changes with an administrative account.

Windows 10 - Network discovery

Regarding the Network name, is a simple registry entry.

  • Open regedit
  • Shift to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles reviewing all the listed profiles and the key ProfileName
  • Modify the used ProfileName value to the one you want.

Changes are applied immediately, no need for a reboot.


And that’s it


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